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Hospitality world has no borders.
World travellers are educated in food and wine and have high expectations from the service providers.
In this competitive environment, the key is to create experiences.
In order to create experiences, a company needs to be consisted of well-trained team members. These ambassadors of food and wine are going to interact with guests, create unique moments and make sales, necessary for the viability of every business.
In Oenophorum we undertake the high responsibility to create these ambassadors, through targeted training plans. At the same time we assist businesses to become profitable in the beverage field through financial report studies.
These two main fields are also expanded into others, like wine events, producer presentations or even cellar designing.
Our clients, from boutique hotels to luxury hotel chains, create a mosaic of cultures from all over the world. At the dawn of this decade, these values will be more than necessary for every hospitality business.
And Oenophorum will be already there.